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We now offer a large variety of distinct flooring surfaces you can mix and match to design your own unique floor. You can choose from our original douglas fir products or we can order different species of hardwoods. Enclosed is our new price list which now adds pricing on hardwoods or feel free to call for pricing on species not listed.
The following textures are now available:

1. New! FreshCut Pacific Maple Natural with Sculpted texture
2. Circular sawn (saw marks similar to the old saw mill)
3. Wire brush (to soften, and give a weathered look)
4. Resawn (a band saw cut)
5. Sculptured surface (to give a scraped look)
6. Chip marks (for a hand planed look)
7. Pillowed edges (all edges are rounded)
8. Square plugs (for an early American design)
9. Artificial worm holes
10. Skip planed (planes a portion of the texture off)
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You can obtain a sample kit with five 14" x 14"
samples for .00 which covers our shipping costs.

Please feel free to call us if you have questions on our new products.

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